Testing & Assessment Services

If you are seeking psychological testing and assessment of any kind, you deserve an accurate and therapeutic evaluation. But what does that mean? It means you will leave feeling like the professional you saw really took the time and displayed effort in getting to know you from a holistic perspective. It also means that when you return for your results, they will be conveyed to you sensitively. Most important, it's our goal to make sure the results are explained in a way that is useful to you. After all, isn't that why you or someone else is seeking this evaluation? Our goal is to provide you useful information that answers 4 main questions people have about assessments?

  • What are the results?
  • What do they mean for someone like me and in my particular circumstance?
  • How can these results help me cope with, or improve my functioning?
  • How can the results help others involved in my care?

Our assessment professionals bring years of specialized scientific training and clinical expertise in testing and diagnosis. You are not just the sum total of your answers to questionnaires. We consider a variety of medical, social, developmental and personal factors as we reach our conclusions, to give you the most accurate, fair and useful assessment available.

Some of the evaluations we provide are listed below. Most are covered by your insurance:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Neuropsychological/cognitive assessment
  • Assessment for Academic Testing Accommodations
  • Dementia evaluations
  • Psychological diagnosis
  • Second opinions
  • I.Q. testing
  • Pre-surgical clearances for spinal cord stimulator implants
  • Pre-surgical clearances for bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, lap band)
  • Worker's compensation evaluations
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Psychological evaluation for immigration services
  • Fitness-for-duty evaluations
  • Learning disability evaluations (ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, etc.)
  • Personal injury evaluations